Town House Lounge

Town House Lounge

This place is a 1960’s vintage steakhouse with good food. I personally have never eaten here but I have been told by many that I should. It is located on Rt. 66 and not at all hard to find… there’s a cow on the roof.

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  1. mariemcc says:

    This reminds me of a steakhouse I used to frequent when I lived in Sacramento. It, too, had a life-sized plastic cow on the roof. Great food, steaks that would melt in your mouth. I used to call the restaurant The Angry Cow. When asked why the cow was angry, I’d say “because all his friends are dead.” Sick humor, that’s me! Can’t for the life of me remember what was the real name of that restaurant. It’ll always be The Angry Cow for me.

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