The Chile Addict

Chile Addict and New Mexico Piñon Coffee Co.

The Chile Addict has every type of chile you can imagine and probably a few that you can’t. One of out favorites is Green Chile Jam. We put it in a frying pan and cook chicken in it… It sort of glazes the chicken. It’s really really good; You get the yummy flavor of the green chile without the heat for those of us that prefer it that way.

They also have other products like salsas, both fruit and vegetable. The names of these products are at time amusing … Like Fartless Black Bean Salsa and Dave’s Insanity Salsa. They also have Fartless BBQ Sauce …. with my children … my son imparticular … I am for anything fartless.

I have never been to the coffee company … its on my list of places to try.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We LOVE NM Pinion Coffee Co’s coffee. We are in southern California, and we purchase it at our local Trader Joe’s.

    Thanks for showing us their “office”.

    Found you via the Walking Prescott blog by Granny J.

    ~Anon in AV.

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