Albuquerque Tortilla Co.

Albuquerque Tortilla Co.

I have only eaten at the Albuquerque Tortilla Co. a few times and I have never been disappointed. My favorite from the carry out is the stuffed sopaipillas.   Also, I buy their tortillas and other retail products all the time and they are the best around.


  1. Denton says:

    In my mind, the same princle applies to Mexican food as it does to Italian or Chinese. There are different regions and influences. All of them great. Tx-mex is different from Mexican food served in New Mexico. In my mind the main difference is the sauce … In South Carolina the big difference is that sopaipillas are flat with sugar on the top. I like my sopaipillas puffy such that you can pour honey in the middle.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Denton, I agree about the different regions and influences. And I agree that all of them are great. The eating establishments that I frequent here the soapy pillows (thats what my kids call em) are puffy and served with honey.

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