Daily Photo Theme Day: A Public Mail Box

A Public Mailbox

This type of mailbox is used at apartment complexes. This one was in front of a large house that had been converted into 8 separate units. Each unit gets their own mail key so that their mail stays private and secure!

_1. London (UK)
_2. Grenoble (France)
_3. Rotterdam (Netherlands)
_4. Greenville SC (USA)
_5. Hyde (UK)
_6. Villigen (Switzerland)
_7. Albuquerque NM (USA)
_8. Mazatlan (Mexico)
_9. Montréal (Canada)
10. Stayton OR (USA)
11. Shanghai (China) [Jing] 12. Arradon (France)
13. Sequim WA (USA)
14. Newcastle upon Tyne (England)
15. Seattle WA (USA) [Kim] 16. Bastia (Corse)
17. Minneapolis MN (USA)
18. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
19. Joplin MO (USA)
20. Sharon, CT (USA)
21. Cottage Grove MN (USA)
22. Singapore [Keropokman]
23. Menton (France)
24. Monte Carlo (Monaco)
25. Naples, FL (USA)
26. Kyoto (Japan)
27. Tokyo (Japan)
28. Cape Town (South Africa)
29. Jakarta (Indonesia)
30. Kitakami (Japan)
31. Tel Aviv (Israel)
32. Vantaa(Finland)
33. Auckland (New Zealand)
34. Nelson (New Zealand)
35. Tuzla (B&H)
36. Brussels (Belgium)
37. Lubbock, TX (USA)
38. Melbourne (Australia) [John] 39. Stavanger (Norway)
40. Tenerife (Spain)
41. Stockholm (Sweden)
42. Boston, MA (USA)
43. Not Strictly Seattle [Susan] 44. New York City (USA) [Ming the Merciless] 45. Paris (France) [Eric]
46. Sydney (Australia ) [Nathalie] 47. Wailea, HI (USA) )
48. Manila (Philippines)
49. Sydney (Australia) [Sally] 50. Cork (Ireland)
51. Saarbrücken (Germany)
52. Saint Paul, MN (USA) [Carol] 53. San Diego, CA (USA)
54. Mexico [Poly]
55. Budapest (Hungary)
56. Singapore [Zannnie] 57. Madrid (Spain) [Dsole] 58. Nottingham (England)
59. Bandung (Indonesia)
60. London (UK) [Jonemo] 61. Seoul (Korea) [Han]


  1. Helen says:

    Yes, Gerald, I agree.

    Ham, the postman has a key to the lock on the back of the box which open revealing the cubbies for each unit.

  2. Kim says:

    Ah, nice photo of this apartment complex mail center. Gives another nice variation on our theme day.

  3. alice says:

    But there is no name on the boxes, how does the postman do if the sender of the letters forgot to write the number? Maybe my question is a French one, American people must be more organized than me…

  4. Kate says:

    Oh, I was hoping for something adobe; too much to ask, I guess! This is a common means of receiving mail in small town USA or in tourist hot spots.

  5. denton says:

    I had not thought to take a photo like this. You are correct the number 1 box is public while the others are private.

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