This is Maggie after a successful capture of the ball. She really loves to be in the pool. If Reggie happens to get the ball Maggie will jump in just to make sure Reggie carries it safely to the steps.


  1. Honest. On the portal I did think this was a bison or buffalo. When I got here I must have got red in the face. How wrong can I get? I just love dogs. Are they not the best pf friends?

    I love what I do. It is super-special to be able to be alive, retired, own everything and be free from pain. Just imagine that.

    I am nuts about my wife after 53 years of being married and us having 5 children; three of whom are half a century old or older. Think about it.

    I come to see what you have posted and thought it was a buffalo.

    I read what you have written and saw your photography and it is all inspiring to me.

    I am a person of ideas and the wheels begin to turn and tomorrow one of my blog posts will be published because of what I saw here first.

    Thanks for the visits and comments.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —Brookville Daily Photo

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