Daily Photo Theme Day: “When You Think of My City You Think …..”


Today is Theme Day at City Daily Photo. The theme is “When You Think of My City You Think …..”  Click on the links below to visit the City Daily Photo Blogs participating!

__1. Portland,OR [USA]
__2. Menton, France
__3. Monte Carlo, Monaco
__4. Memphis, Tennessee [USA]
__5. Manila, Philippines
__6. San Diego, CA [USA]
__7. Anderson, SC [USA]
__8. New York City, NY [USA]
__9. San Diego, CA [USA]
_10. Mexico City, Mexico
_11. San Francisco, CA [USA]
_12. Mumbai (Maharashtra), India
_13. Mainz, Germany
_14. Weston, FL [USA]
_15. Minneapolis, MN [USA]
_16. Turin, Italy
_17. Las Vegas, NV [USA]
_18. Hobart (Tasmania), Australia
_19. Bicheno, Australia
_20. Durban, South Africa
_21. Joplin, MO [USA]
_22. Nashville, TN [USA]
_23. Stockholm, Sweden
_24. Kyoto, Japan
_25. Tokyo, Japan
_26. Brussels, Belgium
_27. Chicago, IL [USA]
_28. Montpellier, France
_29. Seattle, WA [USA]
_30. Mazatlan, Mexico
_31. Saint Paul, MN [USA]
_32. Sharon, CT [USA]
_33. Sesimbra, Portugal
_34. Toulouse, France
_35. Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
_36. Susanville, CA [USA]
_37. Maple Ridge (BC), Canada
_38. Saint Louis, MO [USA]
_39. Prague, Czech Republic
_40. Helsinki, Finland
_41. Pilisvörösvár, Hungary
_42. Lisbon, Portugal
_43. Mexico (DF), Mexico
_44. Trujillo, Peru
_45. Dunedin, FL [USA]
_46. Albuquerque, NM [USA]
_47. Port Angeles, WA [USA]
_48. Cottage Grove, MN [USA]
_49. Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
_50. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
_51. London, UK
_52. Baziège, France
_53. Jefferson City, MO [USA]
_54. Greenville, SC [USA]
_55. Selma, AL [USA]
_56. Mumbai, India
_57. Naples, FL [USA]
_58. Norwich (Norfolk), UK
_59. Silver Spring, MD [USA]
_60. Setúbal, Portugal
_61. Stayton, OR [USA]
_62. Bellefonte, PA [USA]
_63. Sofia, Bulgaria
_64. Arradon, France
_65. Montego Bay, Jamaica
_66. Athens, Greece
_67. Austin, TX [USA]
_68. Singapore, Singapore
_69. West Sacramento, CA [USA]
_70. Jackson, MS [USA]
_71. Wassenaar (ZH), Netherlands
_72. Budapest, Hungary
_73. Rotterdam, Netherlands
_74. St Malo, France
_75. Chandler, AZ [USA]
_76. Melbourne, Australia
_77. Port Vila, Vanuatu
_78. Cleveland, OH [USA]
_79. Nottingham, UK
_80. Kansas City, MO [USA]
_81. The Hague, Netherlands
_82. Crystal Lake, IL [USA]
_83. Wrocław, Poland
_84. Chateaubriant, France
_85. Cheltenham, UK
_86. Moscow, Russia
_87. Monrovia, CA [USA]
_88. Saigon, Vietnam
_89. Toruń, Poland
_90. Grenoble, France
_91. Lisbon, Portugal
_92. New Orleans, LA [USA]
_93. Sydney, Australia
_94. Boston, MA [USA]
_95. American Fork, UT [USA]
_96. Boston, MA [USA]
_97. Montréal (QC), Canada
_98. Wichita, KS [USA]
_99. Radonvilliers, France
100. Buenos Aires, Argentina
101. Christchurch, New Zealand
102. Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
103. Wailea, HI [USA]
104. Aliso Viejo, CA [USA]
105. St Francis, South Africa
106. Port Elizabeth, South Africa
107. Seattle, WA [USA]
108. Pasadena, CA [USA]
109. Vienna, Austria
110. Orlando, FL [USA]
111. Torun, Poland
112. Delta, CO [USA]
113. Santa Fe, NM [USA]
114. Minneapolis, MN [USA]
115. Haninge, Sweden
116. Paris, France
117. Stavanger, Norway
118. Niamey, Niger
119. Le Guilvinec, France
120. Bogor, Indonesia
121. Saarbrücken, Germany
122. Auckland, New Zealand
123. Wellington, New Zealand
124. Budapest, Hungary
125. Juneau, AK [USA]
126. Bucaramanga (Santander), Colombia
127. Glasgow, Scotland
128. Chicago, IL [USA]
129. Jakarta, Indonesia
130. Adelaide (SA), Australia
131. Sydney, Australia
132. Riga, Latvia
133. Subang Jaya (Selangor), Malaysia
134. Terrell, TX [USA]
135. Terrell, TX [USA]


  1. Sally says:

    Love that desert-scape.

    Here’s what I think of – The Partridge Family.

    Window walkin’ downtown, feelin’ mighty good
    And I noticed from the corner how all alone she stood
    Underneath the lamplight, an angel in disguise
    Lonely little runaway with teardrops in her eyes

    Crazy little ragdoll, her hair was wild and tossed
    And I put my arm around her, ’cause I knew that she was lost
    She didn’t seem to notice that anyone was near
    ‘Till suddenly she turned to me and whispered in my ear

    Point me in the direction of Albuquerque
    I want to go home, and help me get home
    Point me in the direction of Albuquerque
    I need to get home, need to get home

    Showed me a ticket for a Greyhound bus, her head was lost in time
    She didn’t know who or where she was
    “And anyone that helps me is a real good friend of mine”
    Real good friend of mine

    Point me in the direction of Albuquerque
    And help me get home, help me get home

    Walked her to the station and kissed away the tears
    Knowing I’d remember through all the coming years
    Ragdoll on that Greyhound who waved with all her might
    Weeped against the window as the bus rolled out of sight

    Point me in the direction of Albuquerque
    I want to go home, and help me get home
    Point me in the direction of Albuquerque
    I need to get home, need to get home

    [Repeat and fade]

  2. R&R says:

    Nice collage, wonderful colors on the sunset (sunrise?). And Sally, I’m going to have my wife come back to check out your comment, she could probably sing those words without blinking (sad but true).

  3. Lessie says:

    Lovely lovely scenery. I love your pictures of the countryside. When I think of New Mexico, I think of a friend who hails from Santa Fe (we’ve lost touch) and Jimmy Santiago Baca. Do you read his poetry? I watched Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles this week and the episode was placed in NM supposedly. I always feel an affinity for NM b/c it and SC are often next to one another in those depressing education rankings. Sigh. We are moving up though! Never give up!

  4. Helen says:

    Hi Jelvistar, Yes at sunset the Sandia Mountains turn the most anazing colors! Thanks for visiting Albuquerque DP!

    Thank you, Sally. I used to love The Partridge Family. The other thing I think of when I think if Albuquerque is Bugs Bunny and taking a right at Albuquerque. Thanks for visiting ALbuquerque DP.

    Hi R&R. It is sunset! Thanks for visiting Albuquerque DP.

    Hi Jilly, The Balloon Fiesta is awesome. 100’s of hot air balloons flying at once is an amazing sight! Thanks for visiting Albuquerque DP.

    Hi Ham, No purple sage. That is the color that the Sandia Mountains turn at sunset. Sandia in spanish means watermelon and they are named for the color they turn at Sunset. Thank you for visiting Albuquerque DP.

    Hi Isabella, I just did not have a good photo of an adobe house to put in the collage. Thanks for visiting Albuquerque DP!

    Thank you, Lessie. Thanks for visiting Albuquerque DP.

    Thank you, Southern Heart. The Balloons are amazing! They sometimes land right near where I live. Thanks for visiting Albuquerque DP!

  5. Chuck says:

    Loved Albuquerque when I was there during the balloon festival! Great photos. Like the canted angle of your building. Nice tension!

  6. Kim says:

    I think of one of your famous sunset photos when I think of Albuquerque. This collage brings out other thoughtful aspects. For some reason I also think of 50s era scientists and rad labs, like Sandia labs in California. Who knows where that comes from in my brain, cuz I’ve not been through there. I’m playing catch up on traveling through theme day posts. . .
    Seattle Daily Photo

  7. Halcyon says:

    I definitely think of hot air balloons when I think of Albuquerque. Good choice! I also think of my sister who lives in your beautiful city. I guess I’ll have to make my way for a visit one of these days.

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