1. Louz says:

    It is not at all easy to get this kind of light in the desert. You made it look just lovely. Very nice photo!

    Enjoyed looking thru your Balloon Festival photos just now. You got some fun photos. Brought back some nice memories of the one year I got to go.

  2. Denton says:

    Outstanding photo. I really like how sharp the foreground is. The colors are interesting and the mountains are a perfect background.

  3. Helen says:

    Eric. Kate, Louz, Kala and Denton, thank you for the compliments.

    Kate, I was so excited to find some fall colors in the trees.

    Thank you all for visiting Albuquerque Daily Photo.

  4. Marc says:


    I just stumbled across your photos and they are fabulous…..Especially this one. Just wanted to invite you to join flickr.com if you are already not on there…..it is a photo sharing site for people from around the world and is a ton of fun…..I really enjoyed looking at this series.


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