Alas, The Full Moon

Blue Moon

Can anyone guess the name of this full moon? I took this photo on May 31, 2007. Again, I used my 200mm lens with the addition of my tele converter. I also used my tripod and remote. The name of the full moon in May is the Flower Moon but being that May 31 was the second full moon in the month of May in my timezone it was actually a Blue Moon. Anything that was supposed to happen once in a Blue Moon … well, I hope whatever it was happened for you. Check back tomorrow for another shot of the full moon that I did not doctor in photoshop.


  1. First, thanks for coming to my blog yesterday and commenting on the bird’s nest and also for reminding me that you had answered my question about your equipment on your blog yesterday. My son who has a pro studio in Florida and shoots everything from nudes to golf courses, uses Olympus cameras. I use Canon because that is what I started with in 1953. I am not looking at a Canon white lens with IS or image stabilization as I am no longer able to shoot and hold steady with speed or a tripod unless I use a remote. On long shots it is critical that things not move. I never even thought about a 2-second delay and will have to try it. But most of what I do is wildlife and they are always on the move so in 2 seconds I would have a lot of empty frames.

    I showed the same mother robin today starting to build a new nest. You’d think she would want to retire as she is still feeding the babies.

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  2. Steve Buser says:

    So May was one of those once in a Blue Moon months. That explains a lot about what was going on in my life. Thanks for clearing it up.

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