Woodrow C Greenleaf and Squawk

Woodrow C Greenleaf and Squawk

Since I still have quite a few special shapes balloon photos and everyone seems to have enjoyed them, I am going to be posting one every Tuesday till I run out!

The tree is Woodrow C Greenleaf an is piloted by Gary Moore.
The green bird is Squawk and is piloted by Dennis Eker.


  1. Carol says:

    I never dreamed there were so many funny-shaped ballons out there in the world. Thanks for the fun photos.

  2. Pierre says:

    Beautiful… So you were in a ballon too to take the pic! Are you a pilot?
    Have you ever been to the ballon meeting in Albuquerque at the beginning of this month?
    Gosh… I’ve missed it one more time…

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