Two Headed Elephant!!?

Two Headed Elephant!!?

Well, not really but I think it looks like one. It’s actually a mama and baby! I am not 100% sure but think the baby is in front of the mama! I took this the last time I was at the Rio Grande Zoo which was a few weeks ago!


  1. Malory says:

    you guys stink. you can see that that’s two elephant’s not one with two heads! lmao funny though

  2. Deb says:

    from a distance it actually does look like they’re joined, but once you zoom in more you can tell they’re not coz of the shadow

  3. olivia judd says:

    so i totally though this was a two-headed elephant and got all excited! JUST LIE TO ME JEEZE!!!! i guess thats my bad for jumping to conclusions and not reading the caption, so i guess im the asshole hahahaha

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