1. mariemcc says:

    Helen, I’m not a big fan of the desert, but I really like the way you capture it! I envy your gorgeous blue skies. Alexandria’s skies are often overcast until the bitter cold of winter.
    P.S. – I visited Albuquerque once in 1974 on a turquoise jewelry buying trip. (I still have all the turquoise I bought back then!) It’s fun to see in your blog all the things I didn’t get to see on my brief trip.

  2. Denton says:

    The clouds are great in this photo. And Marie is right, you do an outstanding job of capturing the beauty of the desert in your photos. Interesting to me is that clouds in New Mexico and Texas are different from those on the east coast. It is like there is more room to build great cloud structures.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Helen, you are a true artist………please continue taking these magnificant pictures!!!
    The way you capture the subject is amazing! You have a great eye………thank you!!!

  4. kaa says:

    very beautiful. reminds me of my trip to NM. I can’t remember where exactly i was but i have a photo of myself standing next to a tequila plant. lovely photo u have here.. wish i was there..

  5. Helen says:

    Marie, thank you! For you compliments and for coming to visit Albuquerque DP!

    Thank you, Denton! It does seem that way. Some days the sky seems endless! Very different than on the east coast!

    Stephanie, thank you for dropping by Albuquerque DP and for the lovely compliments!

    Kaa, thank you for dropping by Albuquerque and for the compliments!

    Thank you, Sally. As I said to Denton, somedays the sky seems endless!

    Terra Vecchia, thank you for dropping by Albuquerque DP!

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