The Rail Runner

The Rail Runner

This is New Mexico’s new commuter rail way. It is appropriately called The Rail Runner. Service started in July of this year and was free for the first 3 months. Starting November 1st they will be charging $2.00 for a one way trip, $3.00 for a round trip and $50.00 for a monthly pass.

The Rail Runner travels from US 550 on the north end to Belen on the south end. Albuquerque is right about in the middle. See a map here.


  1. Kate says:

    Love the paint job. Wonderful title; really called the railrunner? Wonder how our good friend the roadrunner feels about that??

  2. Randy says:

    This is great. We are so behind the times here in Phoenix. Our Light Rail system won’t be in operation until sometime in 2008. Thats great that it will be running to Santa Fe. Maybe it will go further North one day. I just bought 5 acres up in Abiquiu so it will be great to use this when it runs to Santa Fe. Great shot!

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