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You Can Sleep When You’re Dead

You Can Sleep When Your DeadI can’t remember where I took this photo. I’m thinking it was at Old Town Pizza in Old Town.

When I was a kid if I dare uttered the words, “I’m tired” … my Grandfather would tell me I was too young to be tired and that I would have time to sleep when I was dead.

Open Thanksgiving

Open ThanksgivingNot sure how I feel about this.  It’s nice to know that people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving have a place to get something to eat. On the other hand what if the people who work there do celebrate and have to work instead of spending it with their families. 

Got Questions? … Kugel It!

Got Questions? ... Kugel It!I thought the sign was cute! 

Kugel is one of the items on Nosh’s menu and I would describe it as a noodle pudding.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try Nosh’s, as of yet, but am looking forward to trying it next time I am there.