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A Wandering Man

A Wandering ManHe was trying to sell the rocks, that are sitting in front of him on the stone wall, to everyone who was entering and leaving the store. He was intoxicated and lonely … desperately lonely and I get the feeling that the rocks were just a way to engage in conversation with anyone who would give him a quick minute.

I was sitting in the car waiting for the person I was with to come out of the store. A captive audience so to speak.

He opened the conversation with, “I don’t want no money, honest” as he was walking up to my opened window. He showed me the “precious stones” that he was trying to sell and wanted to know if I knew what they were. I didn’t.

He went on to tell me how he was a retired firefighter who was present at the 911 tragedy in NY and how he helped pull 300 bodies out of the rubble. After that he disappeared to Alaska and lived in Glacier National Park for 9 years and didn’t speak to another human being for the whole time. Next bit of conversation was about how he was heading back to the family ranch in Chimayo and he didn’t even know if his family was still alive. Being from Chimayo he is a very spiritual person and a priest which he “proved” by showing me his dreamcatcher and cross tattoos. Dreamcatcher on the right arm and cross on the left.

I hope he makes it to wherever he is actually heading and that when he gets their he finds peace.