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You Can Sleep When You’re Dead

You Can Sleep When Your DeadI can’t remember where I took this photo. I’m thinking it was at Old Town Pizza in Old Town.

When I was a kid if I dare uttered the words, “I’m tired” … my Grandfather would tell me I was too young to be tired and that I would have time to sleep when I was dead.

Got Questions? … Kugel It!

Got Questions? ... Kugel It!I thought the sign was cute! 

Kugel is one of the items on Nosh’s menu and I would describe it as a noodle pudding.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try Nosh’s, as of yet, but am looking forward to trying it next time I am there. 

Nosh Jewish Delicatessen & Bakery

Nosh Jewish Delicatessen & BakeryI was pleasantly surprised to actually find a place here in Albuquerque, Nosh Jewish Delicatessen & Bakery, selling a Delish Knish – A house made potato knish. I have to say they were amazing. A little different than the knishes that I am used to from NY. in that the covering was a flakey pastry.

I will definitely be going back to Nosh’s to try some of their other menu items like the Potato Latkes or maybe the Noodle Kugel. I have not had Noodle Kugel in 30 years.

According to Nosh’s website: If you can’t say something nice, say it in Yiddish!!  So, Hot a gutn tog!  (Have a Nice Day!)

Nob Hill Bar and Grill

Nob Hill Bar and GrillThe Nob Hill neighborhood reminds me a lot of Greenwich Villiage, NY. The people are diverse and everyone fits in somewhere. There are places to eat, shops and artsy stuff. I enjoy being down there.

One of the places to eat is the Nob Hill Bar and Grille. I have never had the pleasure but I know folks who eat here all the time and love it.