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All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible

Part of the City of Albuquerque Public Arts Program since 2006 and the artist is Michael Naranjo.

I chose this photo today because I have been working really hard on my Master’s Thesis.  I had to present the Thesis Proposal to the committee on March 17th.  They liked the concept but felt it needed some tweaking.  I gave them the resubmit that they asked for on April 7th and I found out it was approved on April 15th (All Things Are Possible   ? ).  

Having this approved is a huge weight lifted off as it means I can continue to move forward.  I have 18 credits and one Master’s Thesis standing between me and my MFA in Web Design and New Media.    

The Blue and Gold Macaw

The Blue and God MacawAnd I am pretty sure I see Pumba from The Lion King lurking in the bushes there.

Photo 3 of the Mural at the Zoo.  The artists of this magnificent mural are Albert Rosales and Juan Morales (see the bottom right corner).