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And Then There’s Bentley Bear Balls

And Then There's Bentley Bear BallsI don’t think Bear Balls sounds appetizing at all …  but Chocolate Covered Nuts on the other hand sounds delicious.  I give Bentley props on unique names for their delectables.  

The Menu Board Man

The Menu BoardThis helpful menu holding fellow is outside the same candy shop as the popcorn machine that I posted yesterday.   They also put out, what appears to be,  water for pets.  A really thoughtful gesture and a great idea considering how easy it is to dehydrate here in Albuquerque.

Carved Wooden Door

Carved Wooden DoorThis is one of my favorite doors.  I love the carvings and the hardware.  It is located in Old Town at The Fashion Symphony Boutique.(page seems to be under construction so here is their Facebook page too)  I have never shopped there but if I ever do I will provide an update about the shopping experience.