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Shrouded Mountain

I love clouds … all kinds of clouds.  These clouds were so low it looked as if you could reach out and grab them but I’ve actually seen them even lower were they’re actually sitting on the ground.  I think they are attempting to shroud Sandia Mountain but the mountain is doing a pretty good job of peeking through.  

Mountain Shadows

One of my favorite things about Albuquerque and I guess all places with mountains …. is when the clouds make shadows on the mountains.  This is the Sandia Mountains and they border Albuquerque’s east side.  For the past few days the clouds have been doing a spectacular job of making shadows on the mountains. 

Cloud Blankets

Cloud BlanketsI went out to run a few errands today and the clouds blanketing the mountains were beautiful. Stormy and beautiful. By the time I got home the mountains were completely enveloped in the clouds. You couldn’t see the mountains at all.

San Carlos Cemetery aka Alameda Cemetery

San Carlos Cemetery
I have driven by the San Carols Cemetery countless times and but never stopped. It appears to be pretty old but there are quite a few new headstones there are as well. I saw headstones there as recent as 2009. I didn’t go very far in so there my be newer than that. The oldest I saw was from 1923.  

There is only one tiny road through the cemetery and I didn’t feel comfortable trying to drive in there.