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You Can Sleep When You’re Dead

You Can Sleep When Your DeadI can’t remember where I took this photo. I’m thinking it was at Old Town Pizza in Old Town.

When I was a kid if I dare uttered the words, “I’m tired” … my Grandfather would tell me I was too young to be tired and that I would have time to sleep when I was dead.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station 2

Electric Vehicle Charging StationI actually posted part one of this about a week ago. Here is part two … the actual charging station. I really should have investigated more because now I am curious how much if anything this costs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging StationFound this outside the Doubletree Hotel in Downtown Albuquerque. I had never seen one in Albuquerque before and I have no idea how long it’s been there but I think it’s a really good idea.

Cecilia’s Café

Cecilia's CaféI read that Cecilia’s had the best breakfast burrito in Albuquerque.  I ordered a breakfast burrito to go and while it was good and I did enjoy it, I would not have rated it the best.  Next time I have to go enjoy a meal at Cecilia’s and see if the eat-in meal lives up to being rated The Best.