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Electric Vehicle Charging Station 2

Electric Vehicle Charging StationI actually posted part one of this about a week ago. Here is part two … the actual charging station. I really should have investigated more because now I am curious how much if anything this costs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging StationFound this outside the Doubletree Hotel in Downtown Albuquerque. I had never seen one in Albuquerque before and I have no idea how long it’s been there but I think it’s a really good idea.

Cecilia’s Café

Cecilia's CaféI read that Cecilia’s had the best breakfast burrito in Albuquerque.  I ordered a breakfast burrito to go and while it was good and I did enjoy it, I would not have rated it the best.  Next time I have to go enjoy a meal at Cecilia’s and see if the eat-in meal lives up to being rated The Best.

September Theme Day: Curiosities

September Theme Day:  Curiosities

Cottonwood Madonna – Virgin of the Tree

Supposedly, Toby Avila who was a parish member of San Felipe de Neri, Albuquerque’s oldest Catholic parish, carved the image of the Virgin de Guadalupe into a cottonwood tree. It is one of the hidden treasures of Old Town. The carving sometimes appears to change so people wonder if it is haunted but it just reflects the condition of the tree.

Mr. Avila was part of the Korean conflict and promised that if he returned home safely he would create an image of the Virgin de Guadalupe to show his gratitude. He worked on this project for a year and he died two days after it was finished. He still had blue paint on his hands as he was lying in repose.

And Then There’s Bentley Bear Balls

And Then There's Bentley Bear BallsI don’t think Bear Balls sounds appetizing at all …  but Chocolate Covered Nuts on the other hand sounds delicious.  I give Bentley props on unique names for their delectables.