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February Theme Day: Scene From a Coffee House

February Theme Day: Scene From a Coffee HouseMy daughter had told me about Michael Thomas Coffee some months back but I never got around to trying them till today. They roast and blend their own coffees and the one I had today was delicious. It was a dark roast and it was smooth. Being a coffee lover I will be going back.

The service was excellent, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere was eclectic, laid-back and comfortable. Their outdoor patio was warm and inviting.  Inside there were plenty of places to plug in whatever device you might be needing to plug in. A great place to just chill and enjoy your coffee.

Tree Buds in January

Tree Buds in JanuaryIt’s only January. We had a few really warm beautiful days and now there’s buds on the Mulberry tree.  I have never seen this tree bud like this before March.  This tree tries to kill me every year so I am not looking forward to an early allergy season.