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Wagon on Playground

When I was a kid I would have LOVED this park.  My Pop used to take us to a park in NY that had a “stage coach” and we had soooo much fun letting out imaginations run wild.  When I saw this piece of playground glory it brought back all kinds of fun memories and I wished it was around my kids were kids.  They would have loved it

What Used To Be

The Whole Foods in my neighborhood used to have a small area with tables and chairs.  You could get your food, head into this area and enjoy you meal or snack.  They did away with this area in favor of this outside bar area.  I have not visited this place so I have no idea what they serve or if it’s any good but I seriously miss the place that it used to be.  

Sunsets and Clouds

Sunset without clouds to enhance it is unremarkable.  There is really not much to see but a ball of fire going down and dropping below the horizon.  Add some clouds and it is always a magnificent work of art.

When my daughter was a little girl, we lived in California and we used to go hang out on the Pacific Coast Highway to watch the sun set.  It was something, I think, we both enjoyed.  We knew it was time to leave and go home when we heard the “Sizzle” of the sun hitting the water.  I miss watching the sunset over the ocean.  

Shrouded Mountain

I love clouds … all kinds of clouds.  These clouds were so low it looked as if you could reach out and grab them but I’ve actually seen them even lower were they’re actually sitting on the ground.  I think they are attempting to shroud Sandia Mountain but the mountain is doing a pretty good job of peeking through.