1. John says:

    I actually love the top quarter of the photo. I think, cropped, this section would look superb. Nicely captured!

  2. Kate says:

    I like BOTH the top and lower half. You might try John’s suggestion, too, to see how it looks. Lucky you, to live in NM, which I dearly love.

  3. passante says:

    Lovely photograph. The dark mass of the land grounds the image and balances the brilliant colors of the sky, and the tiny glimmers of light from the town are echoes of the colors of the sunset. Cropping out the bottom of the image would, I think, take away the strength and power of this shot and reduce it to a picture of a pretty sky.

  4. Helen says:

    John, thank you! I tried cropping it and it lost it’s punch but thank you for the suggestion!

    Kate, thank you! NM really is beautiful! I moved here sight unseen 16 years ago.

    Lisi, thank you!

    Frizt, thanks!

    Thank you, Marie!

    Andrew, thank you! The photo opportunites here are amazing.

    Passante, thank you! Yes I found that when I cropped it … it really lost it’s punch!

    Dutchie, thank you very much!

    Thank you, Randy!

    Thank you all for vivitin Albuquerque Daily Photo!

  5. Xochitl10 says:

    Helen, this photo is amazing! I’ve been away from Albuquerque for seven years, but your photo reminds me that it is, hands down, my favorite city at night.

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