Soda Dam Hot Spring

Soda Dam Hot Springs

Here is some interseting information on Soda Dam Hot Springs and a few more of my own photos!

Although an amazing creation of nature, Soda Dam is stinky. It smells like rotten eggs and I am not quite sure how people swim in this water. I would imagine that all the minerals and such make it very good for you. I just can’t get past the stinkyness!


  1. Lisa Contreras says:

    Hello! I am really enjoying your photos of Albuquerque. I’m a native, but stuck in West Texas for now.

    My family owns a cabin right next to Soda Dam, my great grandfather built it for his grandkids, and never imagined his great grandkids would play there! We grew up climbing on/around Soda Dam. The smell is definately an aquired taste, so to speak! I have to admit, I love it! 😉 The cabin is a little red one, slightly past the Dam, and it sits right on the river.

    Thank you for the walk down memory lane. Your photos are beautiful.

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