1. Scott says:

    Great photo.

    This is just one of her many sculptures and what I like about her work, is that it encompases so many different views. It leaves the observer to use their imagination and see details “literally embeded” in her work to be viewed individually or as a whole part of the piece. I’m doing a project on Evelyn Rosenberg and this public sculpture, the “Scales of Justice” piece for my Art History Class at CNM (Central New Mexico Community College). This kinetic sculpture most definately fits the site…the courthouses of Albuqueqrue.

  2. Rudy Yazzie says:

    I like this piece, especially under the scales. The Sea Dragon and the Fire bird Phoenix are really cool. I like mythical creatures, and with the art work on the sides of the lions and sphinx are just the cherry on the top with this great piece for me.

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