Sandia Mountains

Sandia Mountain

I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone and the mountains looked so pretty with the sun poking through the clouds I just had to try to capture it.  My camera is still in the repair shop …. so I actually took this with her camera.


  1. Jim K says:

    Your view looks a lot better than the one I see from work. We have a picture of Sandia tower farm. Its an area with a lot of antenna towers. It cant look very pretty from a distance. I work for a company that has antennas on one of the mountains.

  2. Lisa says:

    Good grief! What’s wrong with your camera? Seems like a long time you’ve been without it.

    I understand there’s a good camera shop here in Albuquerque — AP-T Camera Repair. I haven’t used them yet but several friends and associates have, and they speak highly of the place.

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