Rustic Doorway

Rustic Doorway

I just found this doorway attractive and inviting. It is also located in Old Town.


  1. debbie klecan says:

    I am leaving to New Zealand in a few days. Searching the web I stumbled on the Auckland DP and view it daily. I view yours as well…as ABQ is my city. Love both sites. My goal is to post one special picture a day of my travels in Auckland and NZ. When I come back I am very interested in starting a DP for the East Mtns. where I currently reside. May I contact you for help to set up a DP? Answer a few questions? Do you find it difficult to maintain? Etc. Etc. Thanks in advance. D

  2. Jennifer says:

    We got through ABQ several times every year and I have family in ABQ. Next time we are in town we have to go back to Old Town…it’s been years since I have been there. Do they still have the restaurant with the tree growing in the middle of it? Thanks for the amazing pix!

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