1. Christina says:

    This is a lounge and want to be club. They have horrible food and drinks! The building is beautiful.

  2. Leah says:

    If you go here, watch your tab. The bartenders don’t understand what it means when you tell them you want to pay cash instead of putting the charge on your card.

  3. Dr. Sunyun says:

    I’ve been to the One Up many times. It’s a great night club. Awesome drinks, good food, great atmosphere, superior views, top 40 and nice dance floor. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go dance in a fun club and have some fabulous cocktails.

    @ Leah…
    You’re stupid, or ignorant…either way. I was a bar tender for many years. Don’t open a tab if you’re paying cash. Just give up the cash or at least remind them that you want to use cash when you’re trying to pay out. Bar tenders LOVE cash…if you know how to use it, which you probably don’t because you’re probably “one of those morons.” How is a bar tender supposed to remember what you wanted several hours later after serving several hundred more people. Don’t be stupid…tip your bar tender.

    Anyway, One Up is a great place. Go there, have a good time, oh, and kids, don’t drive drunk.

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