Not Red Rocks in the Jemez

Not Red Rocks in the Jemez

Still up in the Jemez here. I like the patterns that these rocks made.

I have been tagged by Mt. Hood to Portland OR Daily Photo.
I’ve been asked to list eight random things about myself that you do not know and in turn, tag eight others to do the same. Here goes:

1. I can us my left hand and right hand equally well.

2. I like animals better than I like most people.

3. I love to read.

4. My favorite color is purple.

5. I want so someday get my license to pilot a hot air balloon. (My kids think this is crazy.)

6. I can play several musical instruments; the piano, the trumpet and the guitar.

7. I have lived in 5 states. New York, Massachusetts, Florida, California and New Mexico.

8. I will be adding a 6th state to that list in about 18 months. Oregon

I will do my tagging tomorrow.


  1. Helen says:

    Hi Mike, thank you! I thought it looked kewl.

    Hi Isabella, Yes I am going to miss NM terribly but we are going to be visiting often!

    Lessie, yes I intend to continue blogging. This is something I really enjoy.

    Hi Waldo, Thank you.

    Thank you all for visiting Albuquerque DP.

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