Mulberry Buds

Mulberry Buds

Although this mulberry bud appears innocuous it will be the scourge of my life till June. I didn’t know when I bought this house with a giant mulberry tree in the front yard that I was seriously allergic to them. It tries to kill me every year.


  1. Isabella says:

    What a gorgeous macro! Is the spring robbin in the mulberry tree? I liked that one too. You blog is such a pleasure to peruse..
    Quite a few posts I read recently touched on the subject of allergies, and those who suffer from them in many different parts of the world. Having asthma it is my concern as well…Take care, don’t let those (mulberry) bastards get you đŸ˜‰

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you, Isabella. Yes, the robin was sitting in the mulberry tree. And thank you also for the compliment on the blog itself. I have fun doing it. Hope this spring season is not too tough on your asthma!

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