Morgan Amanda

Morgan Amanda

This is Morgan Amanda Victoria Ferocious Vanderbeek Falcone. Quite a name for a little dog. My daughter was 8 when Morgan came to live with us, picked the name and thought the it was fabulous. Morgan had a rough start as some unscroupulous people took here from her mama when she was only 4 weeks old. We did not know that when she came to live with us and we spent the next 4 or 5 weeks bottle feeding her and making sure she was taking care of. When she was about a year old she started having seziures. The vet said they were untreatable!

Well, I went out in the yard this morning and found her under her favorite bush with her buddy Edgar by her side. Her passing was totally unexpected as she was fine yesterday.

RIP Morgan


  1. Helen says:

    Sarah, thank you. We are sad but ok. She was a great lil dog.

    Louz, Yes, it hurts. I think more so when it is so unexpected. Thank you!

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