Llamas or Alpacas?

Llamas or Alpacas?

I found these guys driving around the country. It was sunset and they were as curious about me as I was about them. I am not sure if they are Llamas or Alpacas.


  1. Denton says:

    I think they are Llamas as well. In the Texas panhandle area Llamas has become very popular. I am guessing Texas may have learned from New Mexico’s experience!

  2. Faye Pekas says:

    Hi Helen, thanks for your email 🙂 And Kate, thanks for the advertisement. heh

    I think these are llamas too and they are beautiful. I like how they are sitting/standing in formation. The llama is my favorite animal. I love your giraffe photo too! They make such funny faces.

    Thanks for the link to your blog. I will for sure be back to visit it.

  3. Jenny Kilpatrick says:

    These are llamas, I look after alpacas and they look very different when you see them next to each other

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