Kewl Bike … or Trike?

Kewl Bike

I was heading up San Mateo Blvd. a few day ago and spotted this awesome vehicle. I took this shot as he drove by me! You can see the motion if you look at the tires!


  1. Denton says:

    Did you take the photo one handed while you held your steering wheel with the other hand? It also has a panning effect because the bike is focused yet the speed limit sign is blurred. I guess if you were moving close to the relative speed of the trike then a panning effect would occur. I’ll have to try this.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Jim… there is enough room in there for ice cream. That would be one very kewl ice cream man!

    Hi Joy, I don’t know about how green it would be. Something to consider!

    Thank you, Peter and Granny J!

    Hi Denton, I was not driving when I took this photo but we were indeed trying to be going the same speed as the trike! We even tried to get stuck at the same red light!

  3. TheMassHole says:

    Actually, looks like the engine’s in the back, so the ice cream would have to go on the party seat…

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