Kachina Doll: An Eagle Dancer

Kachina Doll

I do not know what this particular Kachina Doll represents or even what tribe he is from but I found him when I was walking around Old Town Plaza yesterday.

I tried searching the web to see if I could find any information and I could not so if anyone out there knows anything about this particular Kachina please let me know.


  1. Halcyon says:

    How big is this doll? He looks life size from this photo.

    What is he made of? He looks quite interesting. I’d like to know more about him too!

  2. kate says:

    Kachina dolls are intriguing. Sorry I can’t help you re. the symbolism. Have you ever been to the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City? It has a Kachina Room display that’s wonderful!

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