It’s Raining .. HARD

It's Raining ... HARD

I love the rain. And thunder and lightening and all that goes with it! I am actually glad it rained today as it is the 4th of July and some people are just stupid with fireworks. First off they are illegal to set off. But not illegal to buy. I don’t get that. If you don’t want people setting them off … then make it illegal to buy and sell them. Hopefully the rain will keep any fires that get started under control.


  1. Just think of tobacco now. They will kill you. The government doesn’t want you to smoke them as your health care ends up costing tons of money. They are illegal to smoke nearly anywhere but the stores still sell them. Same, almost, with fireworks. I like your rain scene. I have almost forgotten what rain looks like since we have had almost none for three months. And we used to get rain.

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