I DARE You To Take A Bite!?

I DARE You to Take a Bite!!

This is grumpy ol’ Edgar protecting the food bowl. It is his favorite past time and he will snap at any dog that tries to take a bite. If a human takes the bowl no problem. We put out 3 bowls of food and scatter then all over the dining room so that he can only guard one at a time.


  1. dijah says:

    At least he doesn’t mark his own territory or else there would be a much more bigger problem for other dogs around the neighbourhood.He looks cute though when he is guarding his food bowl.

  2. Lessie says:

    But he doesn’t look grumpy! He looks adorable! I feed mine with a wall between. Lily will still wander over to Maggie’s bowl, with a look to see if I’m watching her! Which of course I am! 🙂

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