1. Sir Peter says:

    We went to the Balloon Festival last year, it was great. The Sun was at last years event and your photo remindered me of the great time we had in the USA for the three weeks, thanks.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Tanty, Marie & Lisi! Thank you!

    Your Welcome, Sir Peter. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in the USA and the Balloon fiesta!

    Lavenderlady, the balloons make me smile too! See you tomorrow!

    Thank you all for visiting Albuquerque DP!

  3. Denton says:

    Helen, your post today is great. But yesterdays was outstanding. We had a hot air balloon festival for years but lost it recently. I think our un-predictable weather figured in the decision … If you have a chance share a hot air balloon night ascent. They sure are pretty.

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