Funky Tree

Funky TreeI am not sure what kind of tree this is or even if it is a tree …. any ideas?


  1. denton says:

    I agree with Lessie. Looks like a vine in a lattice. In South Carolina our pest is a vine called kudzu. Unless you fight it you lose and it takes over everything.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Lessie, I think you are probably right about the vine. I just thought it was a silly looking thing. I wonder why someone would want to make a vine look like a deranged tree.

    Hi Denton, I agree with Lessie also.

    Thank you both for visiting Albuquerque DP.

  3. Mary Megalli says:

    I just saw trees like this for sale in Maadi, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt, imported from Japan or Indonesia. Some ficus trees (as the ming) naturally intertwine their trunks, but these are made, with wiring, to cross and grow together in man-made patterns. I don’t know if they cut the cambiam layers in order to make the trunks/branches graft together.

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