DP Theme Day — A Self Portrait

Sorry everybody, Blogger will not let me upload a my photo AGAIN! I will keep trying!

_1. Porto (Potrugal)
_2. Alexandria, VA (USA)
_3. Manila (Philippines)
_4. Twin Cities, MN (USA)
_5. Newcastle, (UK)
_6. Trier (Germany)
_7. Greenville, SC (USA)
_8. London (UK)
_9. Saarbruecken (Germany)
10. Jakarta (Indonesia)
11. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
12. Copenhagen (Denmark)
13. Sydney (Aust)[Sally]
14. Chattanooga, TN (USA)
15. Rotterdam (Netherlands)
16. Paris (France)
17. Albuquerque, NM (USA)
18. Washington D.C. (USA) {Jenni}
19. Sharon, CT (USA)
20. Singapore [Raymond]
21. Washington D.C. (USA) [Passante]
22. Oulu (Finland)
23. Seattle, WA (USA) [Kim]
24. Trondheim (Norway)
25. Hyde (UK)
26. Stayton, OR (USA)
27. Szentes (Hungary)


  1. jenni says:

    I was having that problem all week… it finally worked, but all posts took way too long to go through!

    best of luck with bugger..er, I mean blogger! 😉

  2. Helen says:

    Eric, I have never used Picasa. I am however, looking into migrating Albuquerque Daily Photo to wordpress. I am hoping to be able to do that by this weekend.

    Annie, I tried for HOURS before giving up… and I only gave up because I had to leave the house. I am probably going to migrate Albuquerque Daily Photo to wordpress.

    Jenni, bugger is closer to the truth. I am thinking of migrating Albuquerque Daily Photo to wordpress and Booger is making the decision easy.

  3. Denton says:

    Helen, I hope you enjoy WordPress (WP). I certainly have. However, if you use the free version of WP you may experience the same problems. Personally I don’t think the issue is that blogger is buggy. I think they are overloaded and any free service is subject to this problem.

  4. Louz says:

    Sorry you had so much trouble Helen. Sometimes I just swear and swear at Blogger. I’ve had to try 2 and 3 times to get a photo to load – and then sometimes I get 2 or 3 copies of the same photo. Sometimes pictures come in sideways. Grr…I’m thinking of migrating too.

  5. edwin s says:

    Yes, Bugger is THE word! It took 5 tries today just to open the upload picture window. then another 5 tries to load the picture…

    Head on to WordPress. Tell me how it works for you.–>

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