Days Gone By

Days Gone By

When I was up in the moutains the other day I stumbled up this rock house. There was no sign or plaque explaining what it was so I just let my imagination work overtime. My story is that a old, old dragon lives here and he hides out during the day when nosey humans like myself poke around his humble abode. I have decided his name is Wesley!


  1. Michele says:

    This is a great shot!

    I have starting hiking and would love to hike to this rock house. What is the best way to get up there? Do I take the tram and hike over or is this accessible from the back way?

    I hope you continue to post your photos. It’s a great way to show Albuquerque and NM to friends that have no clue about this great state.


  2. Mark says:


    You *could* hike to it, but it’s not much of a hike since it’s just off a road near the *beginning* of the La Luz trail going up Sandia mountain. Go north on Tramway (as if coming from Central) until you start going around the curve to the west as if going to Sandia Casino. Instead, take a right onto Forest Service Rd 333; I think it’s marked something about picnic areas. Follow the signs up to the La Luz trail; the road veers to the right up to the trailhead and becomes National Forest 333 NE. Just before you get to the La Luz trailhead, the stone house is just there on the right, maybe 100 yards or so off the road. Park & hike.

    (There is a *different* rock house up on Sandia not far from the Crest House; the Kiwanis-built emergency shelter rock house. Short hike from the top of the tram. Gorgeous views from up there.)


    *** Mark

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