Daily Photo Theme Day: Something About to Disappear

A Disappearing Sun

Disappearing Sun

To follow a path of things that are disappearing around the world click the links in the table below!

_1. Porto (Portugal)
_2. Seattle, WA (USA) [Kim]
_3. London (UK)
_4. Greenville, SC (USA)
_5. Albuquerque, NM (USA)
_6. St. Paul, MN (USA) [Kate]
_7. ShangHai (China)
_8. Phoenix, AZ (USA)
_9. Twin Cities, MN (USA)
10. Sequim, WA (USA)
11. Stayton, OR (USA )
12. Bandung (Indonesia)
13. Dallas, TX (USA )
14. Stavanger (Norway)
15. Singapore [Zannnie]
16. Budapest (Hungary)
17. Paris (France)
18. Tuzla (Bos & Her)
19. Melbourne (Australia)
20. Auckland (New Zealand)
21. Singapore [Raymond]
22. Dubai (UAE) [DXBluey]
23. Vantaa (Finland)
24. Oshawa, Ontario (Canada)
25. St. Paul, MN (USA) [Carol]
26. Singapore [Keropok]
27. Delta, CO (USA)
28. Rotterdam (Netherlands)
29. Queens, NY (USA)
30. Tenerife (Spain)
31. Santiago (Chile)
32. Nelson (New Zealand)
33. Akita (Japan)
34. Hyde (UK)
35. Sydney (Aust) [Sally]
36. Honolulu, HI (USA)
37. Aliso Viejo, CA (USA)
38. Nottingham (UK )
39. Brussels (Belgium)
40. Sharon, CT (USA)
41. Sydney (Aust) [Nathalie]
42. Edinburgh (Scotland)
43. Evry (France)
44. San Diego, CA (USA)
45. Santa Clara, CA (USA)
46. Saarbrücken (Germany)
47. Joplin, MO (USA)
48. Indianapolis, IN (USA)
49. Trujillo (Peru)
50. Barcelona (Spain)
51. Berlin (Germany)
52. Vancouver, BC (Canada)
53. Trier (Germany)
54. Houston, TX (USA)
55. Joensuu (Finland)
56. Jakarta (Indonesia)
57. Van Buren, AR (USA)
58. Truxillo (Peru)
59. Kyoto (Japan)
60. Tokyo (Japan)


  1. Kim says:

    Just a beautiful shot! Kudos on a unique take on our theme. (I also like the way you were able to list the sites, maybe you could share with us on the Forum how you coded this. It is neat and attractive).

  2. Helen says:

    Hi John, Thanks for the compliment!

    Bunyamin Najmi, yes I will be looking forward to it rising again tomorrow!

    Kim, Thank you for the compliments. I would be more than happy to share the code. I will post it over on the DP Forum!

  3. Gerald says:

    Ah but it’ll be back tomorrow.

    I’m hoping to post a sunset on Hyde DP tomorrow but so far blogger won’t let me load the picture — think I might well be using wordpress next year.

  4. Keropokman says:

    The sun is setting in your picture. The sun has actually set a few hours ago in Singapore. It’s one more hour to 2 Nov.

    Enjoy your remaining 1 Nov 🙂

  5. Bill says:

    I had thought about the same thing, but figured there were enough Delta sunsets on my site already. Even though last nights was great as well 🙂

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