Daily Photo Theme Day: Best Photo of 2006

Daily Photo Theme Day: Best Photo of 2006

I had a hard time selecting my best photo of 2006. I choose this one because it was a once in a life time shot … and I actually got it! Here is a link to my original post of this photo.

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_1. Porto (Portugal)
_2. Albuquerque, NM (USA)
_3. St. Paul, (USA) [Kate] _4. Stayton, OR (USA)
_5 Greenville, SC (USA)
_6. Szentes (Hungary)
_7. Hyde (UK)
_8. London (UK)
_9. Dubai (UAE)
10. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
11. Shanghai (China)
12. Nelson (New Zealand)
13. Twin Cities, MN (USA)
14. Joplin MO (USA)
15. Stavanger (Norway)
16. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
17. Not Strictly Seattle, WA (USA)
18. Jakarta (Indonesia)
19. Auckland (New Zealand)
20. Sharon, CT (USA)
21. Evry (France)
22. Melbourne (Aust) [John]
23. Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)
24. Paris (France)
25. Bandung (Indonesia)
26. Brussels (Belgium)
27. Minneapolis, MN (USA)
28. Aliso Viejo, CA (USA)
29. Seattle, WA (USA)
30. Budapest (Hungary)
31. Singapore [Zannnie]
32. Tenerife (Spain)
33. Santa Clara, CA (USA)
34. Houston, TX (USA)
35. Sydney (Aust) [Nathalie]
36. San Diego, CA (USA)
37. Vancouver, BC (Canada)
38. Singapore [KeropokMan]
39. East Lansing, MI (USA)
40. Sydney (Aust) [Sally]
41. Tucson, AZ (USA)
42. Nottingham (UK)
43. Sequim, WA (USA) [Norma] 44. Hong Kong
45. Vantaa, Finland
46. Kyoto (Japan)
47. Tokyo (Japan)
48. Chattanooga, TN (USA )
49. Santiago (Chile)
50. Berlin (Germany)
51. Trondheim (Norway)
52. Delta, CO (USA)

Happy New Year to All!!


  1. Sally says:

    Lovely photo – pleasur eon the eyes. Have a happy and healthy 2007, and I look forward to more fabulous photos.

  2. denton says:

    Your right. It was a very tough decision. And with your photos I would have go for one of the mountains with evening lighting. But then again this one photo is a once in a life time shot … all the best for 2007

  3. Ruth says:

    I have to say it’s a great choice because I’ve never seen this expression on an animal of any species before! And I didn’t see it first time ’round, so thanks for posting it today!

    I hope you have everything you need today to keep warm and cozy and fed.

  4. Ame says:

    Great shot! I just think he needs some milk to get that peanut butter unstuck from the roof of his mouth! Happy 2007 from SCDP! =)

  5. Pamela says:

    Happy New Year. Brilliant photo. My instant reaction too was that it looks like it just tasted something particularly unpleasant. 🙂

  6. Jenny says:

    Wowie – that’s amazing! What a face! Worthy of National Geographic! Happy New Year — here’s to many more photos and many more new friendships!

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