Copper Dragonfly

Copper Dragon Fly

Howdy Folks!! I’m sorry for the unannounced extended hiatus of Albuquerque Daily Photo. It’s a very long story that would just bore you to tears (and I wouldn’t want to do that) but I am back and looking forward to posting. It rained here for most of last night and it was awesome. It was cool and comfortable for sleeping … finally!!

Anyway, about the photo … this was the prettiest insect I have ever seen … if an insect can be pretty. It’s wings were amazing … the way they shimmered in the sun was awesome. And the bronze coppery color was gorgeous.


  1. Adobe Nido says:

    I am pleased we have finally connected tonight (today?) And I am proud to have your link on my blog!! I saw one of theses dragonflies in town here for the first time this week. I was amazed…and now you have posted this pic of the same! Wonderful!. BTW Have you ever heard of Bitter Lake in Southeastern NM? More species of dragonflies than anywhere in North America. Even Caribbean species are found there.

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