Cold Cold Cold

Cold Cold Cold

The weather here in Albuquerque and all of New Mexico has turned WINTER. We are stuck in Albuquerque because the roads in and out are closed due to weather related hazards and there is an arctic blast on the way. The high for tomorrow is going to be about 30° F and the low tonight about 15° F.


  1. isabella says:

    Lovely shot, the water looks so clear…and since the humidity’s high today here, I wouldn’t mind visiting there…But not for too long ;-)))

  2. Martha says:

    Sounds like maybe upstate NY has the weather you should be having and you have ours. I’ll have to call my sister in law and see if she’s staying warm.

    I love the photos!

  3. Susan in Atlanta says:

    30 degrees in New Mexico??? That seems absurd. Is that normal? Sorry, not “up” on weather there.

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