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Another Bench

Another Bench
This one is on the opposite side of Albuquerque, to the east,  in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains at Elena Gallegos Open Space.

The dedication on the bench reads:

Berton L. Veinot

He loved nature and this place. Rest awhile
and listen. His spirit is in the wind, birdsong
and foothills on the trail.

“…the wind is still in the trees?”

San Carlos Cemetery aka Alameda Cemetery

San Carlos Cemetery
I have driven by the San Carols Cemetery countless times and but never stopped. It appears to be pretty old but there are quite a few new headstones there are as well. I saw headstones there as recent as 2009. I didn’t go very far in so there my be newer than that. The oldest I saw was from 1923.  

There is only one tiny road through the cemetery and I didn’t feel comfortable trying to drive in there.

Cibola National Forest

Cibola National Forest
I spend a fair amount of time up in the mountains of Cibola National Forest. I have never seen a wild animal except for a coyote but I have seen big cat tracks in the snow. I am assuming that it was a mountain lion.

This sign is up by the Sandia Peak Tram and there are hiking paths that you can take.

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