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The Candy

The CandyDon’t those apple look delicious not to mention the rest of those delectable chocolate delights. I can’t wait to go back to Chocolate Dude and try some of there confections.

Making Candy at Chocolate Dude

Making CandyThe guy with the wooden stick was making caramel and the other two folks were dipping chocolate. The aroma of the chocolate and coffee made Chocolate Dude the best smelling place in Nob Hill.

Chocolate Dude

Chocolate DudeI have driven by Chocolate Dude I don’t know how many times and each time I say, “I need to stop there and see what they are all about!” Tonight I did. The inside of the place is really neat as you will see in the coming days. I tried an Americano and was not all that all that impressed. It was a weak cup of coffee. I didn’t try the chocolate but it looks amazing and the people who worked there are quite welcoming. Maybe next time I will try some chocolate.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato FriesWe shared an appetizer order of Sweet Potato Fries at O’Niell’s in Nob Hill on New Years Eve.  The light colored dipping sauce is a cajun remoulade, which is deliciously spicy, and the dark sauce is an apple-cranberry, which is sweet and tart all at the same time.  And the fries are so delicious you don’t really need either.

Nantucket Shoals Seafood Market

Nantucket Shoals Seafood MarketThis place has been here for as long as I can remember. I have never seen anyone going in or coming out.

Good reviews on their Google+ page even though some are a few years old and mixed reviews on their Yelp page.

Food Drive

Food DriveWhen I went to Uptown yesterday there was a Roadrunner Food Bank Food Drive. This is a good thing. The bad thing about it is that no one I know knew about it.

I didn’t see it advertised anywhere. You would think that advertising this far and wide within the city would be beneficial and result in a larger donation load.

Cecilia’s Café

Cecilia's CaféI read that Cecilia’s had the best breakfast burrito in Albuquerque.  I ordered a breakfast burrito to go and while it was good and I did enjoy it, I would not have rated it the best.  Next time I have to go enjoy a meal at Cecilia’s and see if the eat-in meal lives up to being rated The Best.

Nosh Jewish Delicatessen & Bakery

Nosh Jewish Delicatessen & BakeryI was pleasantly surprised to actually find a place here in Albuquerque, Nosh Jewish Delicatessen & Bakery, selling a Delish Knish – A house made potato knish. I have to say they were amazing. A little different than the knishes that I am used to from NY. in that the covering was a flakey pastry.

I will definitely be going back to Nosh’s to try some of their other menu items like the Potato Latkes or maybe the Noodle Kugel. I have not had Noodle Kugel in 30 years.

According to Nosh’s website: If you can’t say something nice, say it in Yiddish!!  So, Hot a gutn tog!  (Have a Nice Day!)