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All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible

Part of the City of Albuquerque Public Arts Program since 2006 and the artist is Michael Naranjo.

I chose this photo today because I have been working really hard on my Master’s Thesis.  I had to present the Thesis Proposal to the committee on March 17th.  They liked the concept but felt it needed some tweaking.  I gave them the resubmit that they asked for on April 7th and I found out it was approved on April 15th (All Things Are Possible   ? ).  

Having this approved is a huge weight lifted off as it means I can continue to move forward.  I have 18 credits and one Master’s Thesis standing between me and my MFA in Web Design and New Media.    


#MakeEmBoomNot too long ago I started seeing these “Bombs” around Albuquerque. I had no idea what they were for so I went googling.

According to their website it’s all for charity. “Help us support those most in need by voting for the charity of your choice! Winning charities will receive more than $80,000 worth of prizes from boomtime and its network of local businesses.” (

You can vote for your local charity (and see the rest of the “bombs”) here and you can find the “Bomb” locations here.  If you click on the “Bombs” on the voting page your can learn about the artist of that bomb and the charity the bomb represents.   

I voted!