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Puppy Costumes

Puppy Costumes

We have a guest contributor today as I have been wrapped up with finals and final projects. This was taken in Petsmart. These costumes are for the best dressed puppies on Halloween.

I have a 3 pound wonder puppy that I would love to see in that Batman costume.

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The Bane of My Puppy’s Existence

The Bane of My Puppy's Existence

This is a plant that grows at a ridiculous rate. I cut these horrible little thorny things out of my backyard at least twice a week and try as I may I can’t get rid of them. Weed killer doesn’t help either.

If my dogs find them before I do and accidentally get them stuck in there hair or even worse, step on them it hurts them something awful. Usually we wind up having to give them a spur of the moment hair cut. Poor babies!!

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No Potty BREAKS!!!

No Potty BREAKS!!!!

I had to stop at the vets today to pick something up and found this sign amusing.  I wonder if the dogs can read it!!  I also wonder how you stop a dog from taking care of business, so to speak, if they have business to take care of?

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City Daily Photo Theme Day: Changes

Eddie the Tooter

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Happy New Year!!

I hope that 2010 brings you all peace and happiness.

I thought it was appropriate to be coming back to Albuquerque Daily Photo on the first of the year. I took a self imposed hiatus to try and decide if I wanted to continue with this blog. I have been doing it since 5/2006 and I was lacking inspiration. However, I found that I really missed it and I decided that I was up for the challenge of trying to find the inspiration.

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This is my new grandpuppy, Eddie the Tooter.  He is adorable and has the worst GAS of any puppy I have ever known … hence the nickname Tooter.