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Blue Tailed Lizard Predicament

I find these blue tailed lizards in my pool all the time.  They are scared of us and desperately try to get out of the pool when we get in but they can’t.  I don’t want to handle them because if they get scared enough they make their tail fall off.  So, I take a fly swatter and put it under them and as they step on it I move it up out of the pool.  They run off into the jungle and live happily ever after. 

Adeline, The Cuddle Turkey

Adaline The Princess Turkey

The Gentle Barn was driving through Albuquerque today moving their cuddle turkey, Adeline to their Tennessee location. They stopped at a restaurant nearby, Thai Vegan (which has really good food), and I got to pet a turkey.

I have been following The Gentle Barn for a few years on Facebook and it was so awesome to get to meet Ellie and crew.

January Theme Day: Favorite Photo of 2015

Target LockedI had a really had time trying to decide which photo was my favorite of 2015. This hummingbird shot won out by a very slight margin and the reason I chose it it because hummingbirds are so hard to capture. They flit around so fast.