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Daily Photo Theme Day: Best Photo of 2007

Last Night's Moon

Today is theme day at City Daily Photo. To visit the best photos of 2007 from all the participating City Daily Photo Blogs click the link below.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2008

Happy New Year!!


__1. Paris, France
__2. London, England
__3. Hyde, UK
__4. West Sacramento, CA [USA]
__5. Grenoble, France
__6. Stockholm, Sweden
__7. Riga, Latvia
__8. Saint Paul, MN [USA]
__9. Manila, Philippines
_10. Silver Spring, MD [USA]
_11. Weston, FL [USA]
_12. Prague, Czech Republic
_13. New Orleans, LA [USA]
_14. Wichita, KS [USA]
_15. Cleveland, OH [USA]
_16. San Francisco, CA [USA]
_17. Hobart (Tasmania), Australia
_18. Greenville, SC [USA]
_19. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
_20. Menton, France
_21. Monte Carlo, Monaco
_22. Mainz, Germany
_23. Melbourne, Australia
_24. Portland, OR [USA]
_25. Albuquerque, NM [USA]
_26. Wassenaar (ZH), Netherlands
_27. Kyoto, Japan
_28. Tokyo, Japan
_29. Toulouse, France
_30. Naples, FL [USA]
_31. Jakarta, Indonesia
_32. Brussels, Belgium
_33. Stayton, OR [USA]
_34. Selma, AL [USA]
_35. Mexico City, Mexico
_36. Ocean Township, NJ [USA]
_37. Minneapolis, MN [USA]
_38. Port Angeles, WA [USA]
_39. Toruń, Poland
_40. Fort Lauderdale, FL [USA]
_41. Budapest, Hungary
_42. Baziège, France
_43. Nashville, TN [USA]
_44. Saint Louis, MO [USA]
_45. Cottage Grove, MN [USA]
_46. Chicago, IL [USA]
_47. Prescott, AZ [USA]
_48. Bellefonte, PA [USA]
_49. Nottingham, UK
_50. Moscow, Russia
_51. Philadelphia, PA [USA]
_52. Evry, France
_53. Trujillo, Peru
_54. Arlington, VA [USA]
_55. Denpasar, Indonesia
_56. American Fork, UT [USA]
_57. Seattle, WA [USA]
_58. Chandler, AZ [USA]
_59. Coral Gables, FL [USA]
_60. Montpellier, France
_61. Joplin, MOP [USA]
_62. Pilisvörösvár, Hungary
_63. Crystal Lake, IL [USA]
_64. Bucaramanga (Santander), Colombia
_65. Boston, MA [USA]
_66. Torun, Poland
_67. New York City, NY [USA]
_68. Dunedin, FL [USA]
_69. Quincy, MA [USA]
_70. Stavanger, Norway
_71. Chateaubriant, France
_72. Maple Ridge (BC), Canada
_73. Jackson, MS [USA]
_74. Wailea, HI [USA]
_75. Port Elizabeth, South Africa
_76. Budapest, Hungary
_77. Austin, TX [USA]
_78. Montréal (QC), Canada
_79. Cypress, TX [USA]
_80. Bicheno, Australia
_81. Wrocław, Poland
_82. Brookville, OH [USA]
_83. Minneapolis, MN [USA]
_84. Nelson, New Zealand
_85. Cheltenham, UK
_86. Wellington, New Zealand
_87. Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
_88. Mumbai (Maharashtra), India
_89. London, UK
_90. Haninge, Sweden
_91. Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
_92. Arradon, France
_93. Jefferson City, MO [USA]
_94. Orlando, FL [USA]
_95. Mumbai, India
_96. Terrell, TX [USA]
_97. Bogor, Indonesia
_98. Delta, CO [USA]
_99. Radonvilliers, France
100. Saigon, Vietnam
101. San Diego, CA [USA]
102. Adelaide (SA), Australia
103. Belgrade, Serbia
104. Auckland, New Zealand
105. Seguin, TX [USA]
106. Inverness, IL [USA]
107. Oslo, Norway
108. Singapore, Singapore
109. Las Vegas, NV [USA]
110. New York City, NY [USA]
111. Anderson, SC [USA]
112. Torino, Italy
113. Susanville, CA [USA]
114. San Diego, CA [USA]
115. Sharon, CT [USA]
116. Melbourne, Australia
117. Port Vila, Vanuatu

Alas, The Full Moon

Blue Moon

Can anyone guess the name of this full moon? I took this photo on May 31, 2007. Again, I used my 200mm lens with the addition of my tele converter. I also used my tripod and remote. The name of the full moon in May is the Flower Moon but being that May 31 was the second full moon in the month of May in my timezone it was actually a Blue Moon. Anything that was supposed to happen once in a Blue Moon … well, I hope whatever it was happened for you. Check back tomorrow for another shot of the full moon that I did not doctor in photoshop.

Moon Over Albuquerque

Almost Full Moon

I took this moon shot on May 27. I was in my drivaway at the time and I used my 200 mm lens with a 1.4x tele converter. I also used my tripod and a remote so I did not have to touch the camera at all once the shot was set up. Check back tomorrow for a picture of the full moon.